5 Minutes To Assemble Foldable Container House Use For Reconstruction

5 Minutes To Assemble Foldable Container House Use For Reconstruction


Folding Container can be folded up for transportation, which can save 80% of the transpotation space. It is a container house that customers love very much.

Item NO.:FC-007
Lead Time:About 15-20 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen/Nansha

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5 Minutes To assemble Foldable Container House Use For Reconstruction


Advantages of folding container houses:         


1. High quality
The folding container house is made of fully galvanized steel, which can be folded repeatedly without deformation, and the turnover loss is very low even if it is carried out on multiple construction sites.

2. Save freight
The height after folding is only 45cm, which saves 80% of the freight compared with traditional container houses.

3. Fast installation
To adapt to the rhythm of the construction site, the construction period of the general construction site is very tight. It is best to complete the construction of the required temporary housing immediately so that workers can move in. However, three people can complete the installation of 800 square meters of the folding container house in one day, which can be used immediately after hanging, and there are not many requirements for the working environment and foundation.

4. Full configuration
The foldable residential container is equipped with an integrated electrical system, which can be powered on and used immediately after installation. The outside can be equipped with walkways, stairs, a canopy, and other facilities, which are very convenient. The standard box can hold 5-6 sets of bunk beds, leaving an aisle in the middle, and it is no problem to live with about 10 people.


PRODUCT DETAILS                                            



Only 3 minutes


Easy Installation, 3 Steps

2 People + 5 Minutes = 1 House


Saving Man-Hour: Only Oner Crane or 

Forklift And Two Assistant Needed


Only Flat And Firm Ground Needed,

Not Necessary To Take Maney To Do





1. Can be transport overall, thus can be recycled to service different projects without reconstruction.
2. Environment protection: no construction waste, materials can be recycled.
3. Nice capacity of water proof, moisture proof and heat insulation and sound insulation.
4. Diversified Specification: Our design can be customized. The doors, windows and front and back walls can be exchanged each other. And the partition walls according to the customers’ requirements.
5. Practical,good space utilization and high performance.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATION                                


Item Specification
Size 5800*2500*2450mm
Steel Structure Square tube and bending steel plate
Length Inner length /external length: 5.80m/5.90m
Width Inner width /external width: 2.3m/2.50m
Height Inner height/external height: 2,41m/2.59m
Wall Panel 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Wall Color White color and optional colors
Color White/Grey/Blue colofr for steel frame
Roof 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Door 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet with lock /optional doors
Window Aluminum sliding openings, PVC sliding openings with security bar
Floor 16mm thinkness fire protection MGO board /optional floor
Decoration Wall Optional: PVC cladding ,WPC cladding
Electricity Standard (Lighting + socket + switch)
Install Time 2 Workers 10 mins
Wind Resistance Wind speed≤120 km/h
Earthquake Resistance Grade 8
Snow Load Capacity Of Roofing 0.6kn/m2
Live Load Capacity Of Roofing 0.6kn/m2
Wall Permitted Loading 0.6kn/m2
Heat Conductivity Coefficient 0.35kcal/m2hc
Delivery Time About 15-20 working days
Container Loading 10 - 12 sets/40HQ









Environment Protection


No construction waste, materials can be recycled.


Easy to Install


Workers can install 1 unit in only 3 minutes.

Flexible Layout


The partition wall, window, ceiling, door are optional for clients.

Good  Performance


Water proof, moisture proof, heat insulation and sound insulation.