Mobile Toilet is a modular unattended toilet box that integrates sewage treatment system, toilet supporting facilities and equipment management room. This recyclable and movable new type circular toilet box completely solves the problem of toilet drainage, especially for remote areas, and also recycles the treated water, which not only reduces environmental pollution but also greatly saves water resources.


C-Box Dubai is a reputable supplier of Mobile Toilets, offering a revolutionary solution to sanitation challenges. These modular restroom units combine sewage treatment systems, restroom facilities, and equipment management rooms into a single, portable structure.


Designed to address sanitation needs in various contexts, the Mobile Toilet is especially beneficial for remote areas and off-grid locations. Its circular design integrates cutting-edge technology to provide a self-contained solution for toilet drainage and waste management.


What sets this product apart is its recyclability. The Mobile Toilet efficiently recycles treated water, contributing to water conservation efforts and minimizing environmental pollution. This eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainable practices and resource conservation.


The Mobile Toilet Suppliers in UAE offer a comprehensive sanitation solution with its integrated sewage treatment system, user-friendly restroom facilities, and equipment management room. This product reflects C-Box Dubai's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance living conditions while considering environmental impact.

Mobile Toilet