Our prefabricated house included K prefabricated house and T prefabricated house. It is a type of fast installation and eco-friendly products for temporary use. This prefab House adopts light gauge steel as the structural frame, color-coated sandwich panes as the enclosure material, is designed with standard module to form the layouts and the primary components are connected by bolts. This kind of houses are widely used in construction sites, disaster areas and labor camps.


C-Box Dubai is a reliable Prefab House Manufacturers in Dubai, offering a range that includes both K Prefabricated Houses and T Prefabricated Houses. These houses are designed for fast installation and temporary use, providing a practical and eco-friendly solution.


The structural frame of these Prefab Houses is constructed using light gauge steel, ensuring durability while keeping the overall weight manageable. The enclosure material consists of color-coated sandwich panels, which offer insulation and contribute to the visual appeal of the houses.


Designed with efficiency in mind, our Prefab Houses utilize a standardized module layout. These modules are connected using bolts, creating a robust and secure structure. This streamlined design not only ensures a rapid installation process but also maintains structural integrity.


C-Box Dubai's Prefab Houses find versatile applications, making them suitable for construction sites, disaster-stricken areas, and labor camps. The adaptability of these houses to various contexts highlights their practicality and utility.


Our commitment to modern construction methods and sustainable materials underscores our dedication to creating reliable and efficient housing solutions. C-Box Dubai's Prefab Houses embody our vision of providing convenient, eco-friendly, and adaptable options for temporary housing needs.