Qatar Flat Pack Living Container House by CBOX

Qatar is an Arab country in western Asia on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, bordering the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The coastline is 550 kilometers long.

Qatar has a flat terrain. Most areas are deserts covered with sand and soil. It is slightly higher near the west coast. There is a large area of exposed limestone to the south from Zkrit. Qatar's onshore oil is also mainly stored in this area.

Qatar resources are mainly oil and gas. As of January 2019, the proven oil reserves were 2.5 billion tons, ranking 13th in the world, and the natural gas reserves were 24.7 trillion cubic meters, ranking third in the world.

Qatar has a permanent population of 2.64 million, of which Qatar citizens account for about 15%. The expatriates are mainly from India, Pakistan and Southeast Asian countries.