Portable Detachable Container house is a new generation of prefab house. It is a whole unit itself, which can be used as a single portable house, or combined laterally or placed with layers. Detachable Container home can be connected by bolts, with easy installation and fast transportation. Life span is 15 years. Detachable house popular applications in Refugee Camp, Labor Camp, Dormitory, Office, Toilet, Guard House, Shop, Hotel.

The Detachable Container House in Dubai by C-Box presents a forward-looking prefab housing solution that breaks away from convention. This innovative approach offers a versatile living space with a range of applications.

Functioning as a standalone portable unit, the Detachable Container House can also be combined laterally or stacked to optimize space. The installation process is simplified by its bolt-connecting system, ensuring easy assembly, disassembly, and swift transportation. With a life span of 15 years, this housing solution balances durability and flexibility.

The Detachable Container House finds practical use in a variety of scenarios. Its adaptable nature makes it well-suited for Refugee Camps and Labor Camps, providing secure living spaces. It also serves effectively as Dormitories, Offices, Toilets, Guard Houses, Shops, and even Hotels, showcasing its versatility.

Built on the foundation of innovation, C-Box Dubai as Labor Camp Manufacturers aligns with modern needs and challenges. Its modular design offers the potential to create various configurations while focusing on mobility, ease of installation, and longevity. As urban spaces evolve, this housing solution presents a way to transform and optimize environments without sacrificing convenience or sustainability.

Detachable Container House