The camp site plot area is approximately 35,000SQM, consisting of up to 1550 flat pack containers with different purposes .

Ranging from on-site container office(150units), container soldier’s bunk(1200units), laundry rooms inside containers(40units), kitchens container(40units), container converted to portable toilets(120units).

Accommodating to every soldiers basic needs to function as a camp or unit. Why the use of flat pack containers?

The flat pack container is a form of modular architecture, it not only is functional and portable single system,but also it is simple and efficient in its structure and assembly.

A single standard unit consist of 4 basic columns, ready-made roof and foundation, prefabricated insulated walls and basic doors and windows all constructed without the use of any welding,only bolt and nuts. As such, simplifying the need for maintainance as each component is replaceable or removable.

A single unit has an area of about 15SQM sufficient for the camp’s individual spacial usage. The‘unit’ also has its in dependant integrated rainwater drainage system incorporated in its column down to the ground. This way not only it resolves it exterior drainage situation but also maintains its overall exterior appearance.

Based on this project, it was requested of us to have the exterior appearance be a camouflage with its surrounding conditions, the desert, hence the choice of a mustardy yellow. Its colour just like its structural characteristics could be modify to individual specific needs. In conclusion, the flat pack container not only serves its purpose of being effective in its construction but still maintaining its functionality as a space.