Cheap Homeless Temporary Portable Modular Housing

Cheap Homeless Temporary Portable Modular Housing


Temporary modular housing for the homeless:

1.)Reliable structure, light steel flexible structure system, with a certain level of seismic resistance
2.)The construction period is short, 4 people can install 120 square meters per day
3.)Flexible layout, multiple modulus combinations, the arbitrary layout of internal space

Item NO.:PH004
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen / Nansha

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temporary housing

Cheap Homeless Temporary Portable Modular Housing


 Item Specification
 Life span  12-15 years
 Wind resistance  88.2-117 km/h
 Earthquake resistance  7 grade
 Structure  steel structure
 Partition wall  sandwich panel
 Wall  sandwich panel
 Roof  sandwich panel
 Windows  PVC sliding window
 Doors  steel door/sandwich panel door

 Time to install

 100 sqm by 4 workers /day


 blue, white, red


 B2 B1 A2, A1



homeless temporary housing


Prefabricated house

1.)The prefab house is made of light steel structure; the fireproof prefab house which is not protected by the color steel rock wool sandwich panel has been deformed.

2.)The space is combined according to the standard modulus, and the components are connected by bolts, which can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled many times

3.)The mobile house can realize the general and fast construction concept of temporary building standards, leading to the industrialization upgrade of temporary construction houses

4.)Can be developed into industrialized production, supporting supply, and reusable stereotyped products