Collapsible Office Container House For Sale

Collapsible Office Container House For Sale


Collapsible container house is a container that can be folded up quickly, can be folded up or opened in 5 minutes, can be used in temporary offices, warehouses, temporary relief housing, etc.

Item NO.:FC-006
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen / Nansha


C-Box Dubai specializes in Collapsible Container Houses in Dubai, offering an innovative solution for modern living. Our houses are built with a strong construction focus, ensuring durability and longevity. Incorporating advanced technology, they are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.



One of the key advantages of our Collapsible Container Houses is their time-saving nature. Each component is manufactured in our controlled factory environment, significantly reducing on-site construction time. This prefab approach allows for quicker occupancy.



Cost reduction is another highlight of our solution. Our prefab technology minimizes on-site workload, leading to substantial savings on labor and construction costs compared to traditional builders.



Labeled as Item NO.:FP024, our Collapsible Container Houses have a swift 15-working-day lead time. Operating from strategic shipping ports such as Shenzhen and Nansha, we facilitate seamless logistics. Our FOB payment method underscores our commitment to transparency and convenience.



C-Box Dubai's Collapsible Container Houses embody innovation, strength, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our focus on practicality, aesthetics, and sustainability transforms living spaces into functional and forward-thinking environments. We redefine modern living by prioritizing comfort, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

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Foldable container house


collapsible sandwich container


collapsible container house


1) Can be used as dormitory temporary hospital toilet office storage room etc.
2) Can be installed in a short time assembled by bolts with a high intensity;
3) Can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years;
4) With a well-sealed and reliable structure water-proof fire-resistant moisture-proof and anti-corrosive
5) The special design enables to carry this container house in a whole without damages, so it's quite suitable for movable projects.


Installation of Foldable Container House


Loading of Foldable Container House



1. How much does it cost to build a container home?
Different materials determine different prices, thousands of dollars.

2. How long do container homes last?
10-20 years service life

3. Is it safe to live in a container home?
Before the container is shipped, there will be a special stress test.


You tell us container house type, size, quantity, the material of the roof, wall, floor, and other parts, we will check and fast offer you quotation. for the detachable container house and portable toilet, we can give you the price within 10 minutes after receiving your specifications.