Color Steel Temporary Double Room Toilet In Construction Site

Color Steel Temporary Double Room Toilet In Construction Site


The mobile toilet has the characteristics of being movable, combinable, and convenient to transport. Compared with traditional toilets, it has obvious advantages. It is suitable for large-scale event venues, construction site dormitories, stations, tourist attractions, commercial streets, and other places.

Item NO.:CB-S17
Lead Time:15 working days
Color:Blue ,white,red,customs

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Color Steel Temporary Double Room Toilet In Construction Site

Container house



Material EPS color steel composite board
Specification 2200*1100*2300mm
Inner size 970*970*1900 mm + 970*970*1900 mm
Features Strong and durable / Easy to assemble
Weight 100KG
Transport volume 3.2 cubic meters in whole, 1.5 cubic meter in disassembly.



1. The temporary toilet can be moved or combined anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient and can better meet people's needs from time to time;
2. The cost of portable toilets is relatively cheap, and the quality is good, the service life is long, and it is very economical;
3. The appearance of the mobile toilet is more beautiful, and it is easy to coordinate with the nearby buildings.




Mobile Public Toilet




EPS Portable Toilet Advantages:
1. Movable, thus avoiding the waste of resources caused by house demolition.
2. The processing method is various, and the appropriate processing method can be adopted according to the limitation of the use environment.
3. The floor space is small. Compared with the traditional toilets, the mobile toilets have greatly saved the land area, which just caters to the current situation of land shortage!
4. Beautiful and generous, on the basis of ensuring practicality, pay attention to the importance of beauty, and become a scenic spot of tourist attractions and park communities!
5. The construction has greatly saved manpower, material resources, and financial resources.