Expandable Container House: Prefab, Cheap, And Living-Ready

Expandable Container House: Prefab, Cheap, And Living-Ready


Are you looking for a spacious, affordable, and eco-friendly home? Then check out our Expandable Container House: Prefab, Cheap, and Living-Ready. This home is made from durable shipping containers that can be customized to your needs and preferences. You can have your dream home in no time!

Item NO.:EC-020
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen / Nansha

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expandable container house


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Wind resistance level≥12 Option

Easy installation:

4 workers+10minutes = 1 house

Wall panel


Safe-seismic grade ≥ 9


Fiber cement丨Plywood Bolivian magnesium



Product features

Durability: It is made from durable shipping containers that can be connected together to create larger rooms.
Convenience: It is prefabricated and easy to assemble and disassemble, saving you time and money.
Style: t is water-proof, thermal-insulated, flame-retardant, and earthquake-resistant, ensuring your safety and comfort.
It has a modern appearance and a bright interior with a multi-window design and wood ceilings.
Functionality: It comes with full electrical wiring, power points, and a circuit board, allowing you to configure lamps and home appliances as you like.




First of all, the cost of container is much lower than traditional building, which is more suitable for individual small-scale operation or temporary house.

Secondly, the construction period is short. The building time is shorter than building traditional structure. It is useful especially in situation where time is critical.

Furthermore, the container building can be moved. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble and It can be moved frequently.

In addition, container house is built without construction waste and noise pollution, which is green and environmental friendly.


Completed Project Show

Expandable container house project



* Disaster shelters

* Granny flat

* Garden house 

* Secondary dwelling 

* Camp accommodation

* Rental housing

* Farmhouse

* Family living house


Product Specification

Steel structure
List Part Name Specification Remark
1 steel column Steel panel 3mm thickness Bend part  
2 Main bottom beam 150*75*3.0mm  
3 Main top beam 12#*6mm  
4 Secondary beam 80*80*2.0mm  
5 PANEL galvanized steel corrugated sheet 1.0mm  
6 Bottom frame purlin 80*40*2.0mm  
Panel, Door and Window
List Part Name Specification Remark
1150×50×0.326mm double side Choi foam sandwich panel
(white and grey)
8 external wall panel Bending piping 2.5mm+1150×50×0.326mm 0.326mm double side Choi foam sandwich panel (white and grey)  
9 Floor Fireproof panel 15mm (yellow)+PVC grain board  
10 Door panel 304 SS door (primary colours) W*H: 1520mm*2200mm, 1 set
11 Sliding window aluminium alloy sliding window (white) W*H:930mm*1200mm, 8 sets



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* Twenty-four hours online and one-to-one service, solve your problem efficiently and timely.
* Installation video and guide book will be send to you demonstrating the steps for installation. Or an engineer or installation team can be arranged on site.
* Perfect after-sale service is also provided.