Flat Pack Home Prefab Transportable Dormintory Diy

Flat Pack Home Prefab Transportable Dormintory Diy


CBOX makes container houses that are suitable for different places. As housing systems become more expensive, prefabricated homes are an affordable solution regardless of how many you are in total. The prefab dormintory are customized and can be designed to fit depending on the practical uses. These houses are durable and friendly to the environment as well.

Item NO.:FP111
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen/ Nansha

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Product Features

* Competitive Price:Compared with tranditional construction cost saving more than 50%;
* 100% water proof & wind resistant & earth resistant;
* Rust and corrosion resistant;
* Easy  to install and time-saving;

* Durable and comfortable.


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Affordability – Shipping container homes are cheaper than your standard house. Can be used as dormitory, temporary hospital, home, storage room & movable shelter.

Sturdy structure with thicker wall panels & reinforced beams

* Variety of customization options tailored to your needs

Weather-resistant: waterproof & anti-corrosive materials

Hassle-free installation: easy to assemble / disassemble


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Our container houses are mostly used for house living, with flexible design to suit various needs, especially in following cases:
* Short construction period and few workers,
* Need temporary buildings ready in a short time,
* Site constrains to prefab house,
* Great fluctuation in number of workers during construction


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Item Specification
Brand Name Cbox
Product Type Container Houses
Size 5800*2400*2800mm
5800*2400*2896mm(13.92㎡ )
Steel Structure Prefab steel structure
Wall Panel
0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm THC steel sheet
50/75/100mm THC EPS / rock wool / glass wool / pu sandwich panel
Wall Color White grey and more(Depending on quantity)
0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm THC steel sheet
50mm THC EPS / rock wool / glass wool / pu sandwich panel
0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm THC steel sheet
50mm THC EPS / rock wool / glass wool / pu sandwich panel with lock
Window Aluminum PVC sliding door with security bar
Floor MGO / cement fiber floor board
Ceiling PVC,Gypsum Board,Sandwich Panel
Decoration wall: Optional : PVC cladding ,WPC cladding
Electricity Pre-wired with lighting and circuit distributor installed
Install Time: 4 workers 2 hours
Wind resistance: wind speed≤120 km/h
Earthquake resistance: Grade 7
Snow load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
Live load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
Wall permitted loading: 0.6kn/m2
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.35kcal/m2hc
Warranty 1 Year
Delivery time: About 15-20 working days
Container loading: 8 sets/1*40HQ
Note:Container is SGS tested and materials are A-RATED FIRE-RESISTANT.Also necessary bolts and screws will be provided for assembly and construction.





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 2. Professional installation team and site engineers for foreign countries.
 3. Customers are warm welcomed to visit our factory at any time, even during holidays.  
 4. Perfect arrangement for customers from Hotel booking to product shipping.