Long Span Steel Building For Warehouse

Long Span Steel Building For Warehouse


Steel structure building strength is high, light weight, is very suitable for large or long-span building materials, the construction period of this building is short, high degree of industrialization, can greatly reduce labor costs.

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Long span Steel Building For Warehouse


warehouse building


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                            




 Main Steel  Column and beam—Q235, Q355 steel with high strength and stiffness, high weight-bearing
 Secondary frame  C steel, Z steel, square tube, steel angle, tie bar, tension rod, and bracing.
 Connection method of steel structure  Welding connection or bolt
 Roof and wall material corrugated  Corrugated sheets, sandwich panel (EPS, ROCK WOOL, GLASS WOOL)
 Connections  Anchor, high strength/ordinary bolts, steel plate, etc




     The steel structure is characterized by high strength, lightweight, good overall rigidity, and strong resistance to deformation. It is especially suitable for building large-span, ultra-high, and ultra-heavy buildings.

     The material of steel building has good homogeneity and isotropy and is an ideal elasticity Body, which is most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics

     The material of steel structure has good plasticity and toughness, can have large deformation, and can withstand dynamic loads well; the construction period is short; its high degree of industrialization can carry out specialized production with a high degree of mechanization.




Drawings & Quotation:
1) Customized design is welcomed.
2) In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, please let us know length, width, eave height and local weather. We will quote for you promptly.


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steel structure

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steel structure



steel structure