Modern Portable Mobile Toilet Modern Outdoor Public Mobile Wc Western Toilet

Modern Portable Mobile Toilet Modern Outdoor Public Mobile Wc Western Toilet


Water storage and sewage integrated toilet

This portable toilet doesn’t need to connect to tap water system which means that you can move it anywhere.

Strong and Durable

This is made of HDPE material that it is enough strong to bear more weight and it can use for a long time.

Easy to assemble

Plastic Portable Toilet  is easy to install and disassemble, and two workers can assemble one in 15 minutes

Assemble and disassemble repeatedly

This toilet is easy to assemble and not easily damaged. You can dismount it repeatedly and use it in different places.

  • Item NO.:CB-H22

  • Lead Time:15 working days

  • Brand:Cbox

  • Shipping Port:Shenzhen / Nansha

  • Payment:FOB

  • Color:Blue ,white,red,customs

The C-Box Dubai Modern Outdoor Public Mobile WC Western Toilet is a versatile and innovative solution that addresses outdoor sanitation needs with efficiency and convenience. Crafted to redefine modern outdoor comfort, this portable toilet seamlessly integrates water storage and sewage capabilities, eliminating the requirement for tap water connections. Its design flexibility allows it to be placed in various outdoor settings, making it an ideal choice for different environments.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, the toilet exhibits exceptional strength and durability. This robust build ensures its longevity and reliability, making it a practical choice for high-traffic public areas where sturdiness is paramount.

A standout feature of the Plastic Portable Toilet is its user-friendly assembly process. With just two workers, it can be quickly assembled or disassembled within a mere 15 minutes. This efficient setup facilitates easy relocation and repeated usage without compromising on the overall quality.

The C-Box Modern Portable Mobile Toilet transcends conventional outdoor sanitation. By prioritizing strength, portability, and convenience, it introduces a new era of modern outdoor comfort. Bid farewell to limitations as you embrace versatile and efficient sanitation solutions designed to cater to contemporary needs.

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Modern Portable Mobile Toilet Modern Outdoor Public Mobile Wc Western Toilet 


 Material  HDPE-anti-UV portable toilet
 Specification  1150*1150*2300  
 Inner size  1120*1120*1920
 Capacity  Water tank 180L;Waste tank 390L
 Weight  115KG portable toilet
 Transport volume  3.2 cubic meters in whole,1.2 cubic meter in disassembly
 optional colors Gray   Red   Blue   Yellow   Green  

Product detail 


mobile toilet detailmobile toilet installationHDPE Plastic Mobile Portable ToiletPlastic Mobile Portable Toilet 

Plastic Mobile Portable Toilet

Product advantage

Movable Toilet With Urinal And Sink

  • Portable Toilet also called HDPE Toilet,  Plastic Site Toilet, Movable Site Toilet, Site Chemical Toilets, Modular Portable Toilets, Red Economic Toilets and Site Toilets, refer to toilet stalls that are made from HDPE panels & installed with ventilation, door, electrics, plumbing, sanitary,sometimes also included clean water tanks & waste tanks.
  • Such portable toilets are commonly used in construction sites, oil sites, mining sites as workers' toilets, site showers, also used for solider camps, government projects & school projects as temporary site toilets & bathrooms.