Portable Living Detachable Container House For Office

Portable Living Detachable Container House For Office


Building a house with a container house is a new idea. It is green and environmentally friendly, saves time and effort, and is very flexible. A house made of a steel box can also be full of fashion and is very friendly to the environment

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Portable Living Detachable Container House For Office


detachable container house


detached house


Quotation list of Detachable container house
No. Component Specification Unit Quantity Remarks
1 Column 2480*2.3 Strip 4 High of Beam:195MM
2 Bottom Beam 5630*2.3 Strip 2 Sink:65MM
3 Bottom Beam 2680*2.3 Strip 2 Thickness:2.3MM Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet Profile
4 Top Beam 5630*2.3 Strip 2 /
5 Top Beam 2680*2.3 Strip 2 /
6 Corner Piece 195*165*4 Piece 8 /
7 Top Platen Slot 5730*1.2 Strip 2 Galvanized
8 Top Platen Slot 2790*1.2 Strip 2
9 Corner Fitting 120*1.2*2530 Strip 1
10 Bottom Beam SquareTube 100*50*2980*1.3 Strip 9 Galvanized
11 Top Beam SquareTube 50*50*2800*1.8 Strip 2 Galvanized, with Card Slots On Both Sides
12 Top Beam SquareTube 80*40*1880*1.5 Strip 3 Galvanized
13 Top Beam Square Tube 60*40**1880*1.5 Strip 6
14 Main Frame Bolt ST100*30 Piece 64 Carriage Bolt
15 Bottom Beam Bolt ST100*80 Piece 18  
16 Floor 2800*1146*18 Sheet 5 MGO Fireproof Board
17 Structural Adhesive   Piece 5 /
18 Ceiling Board 2788*200*0.3 Piece 29 /
19 Roof Tile 2920*950*0.5 Piece 6 /
20 Roll Felt 20M Roll 1 /
21 Hardware   Carton 1 /
22 Butyl Rubber Strip   M 12 /
23 Corner Fitting 38 Strip 2 /
24 Door 925*2050 Piece 1 /
25 Window 925*1200 Piece 2 /
26 Board Material 2560*950*50 Piece 15 0.276Glass Wool Board
27 Board Material 1380*950*50 Piece 2 0.276Glass Wool Board
28 Board Material 460*950*50 Piece 1 0.276Glass Wool Board


portable living container


Advantages of container houses:
1. The transportation is convenient, especially suitable for the units that replace the construction point in the South Square;
2. Sturdy and durable, all made of steel, with solid anti-vibration and anti-deformation capabilities;
3. Good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process makes this mobile house have good water tightness;
4. Prefabricated houses can be derived from many combined spaces, such as conference rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
5. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, with excellent performance, and the service life can reach more than 20 years




container for house



Fast installation: 4 workers can install a standard container house within 2 hours

Environment-friendly &Recyclable: It is able to be moved after assembly, which is convenient .

Flexibe combination: Separate independent units can be combined unlimited longitudinally and laterally as required and also the units can be stacked up to 2-3 stories high to further enlarge the space and performance funtion.


house detached garage





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