Portable Recycling Flat Pack School Prefabricated Container House

Portable Recycling Flat Pack School Prefabricated Container House


Get our latest and updated container home, with CBOX’s detachable flat pack container house. This container house has improved quality and structure and has upgraded the materials in order to add more value to our customers.

Item NO.:FP85
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen/ Nansha

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Container house

Portable recycling flat pack school prefabricated container house




Steel structure 

bending steel plate


50/75/100mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet 

Wall color

White color and optional colors


50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet


50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet  with lock /optional doors


Aluminum sliding door, PVC sliding door with security bar


MGO board /optional floor 

Decoration wall

Optional : PVC cladding ,WPC cladding 


Optional standard



Product Details

school supply containers

It's convenient for installation.

Conveniently install our flat pack modular container house with its all bolt assembly. No welding works are required and no heavy machinery needed for construction.

This translates to savings on labor cost and rental cost. You can install 3-5 units by two people per day with no forklift involved.

recycling containers schools

It's saving shipping cost.

Reduce your shipping cost as the materials for our flat pack homes are sized to fit on standard shipping containers. The flat pack unit is detachable and can be disassembled into pieces. A 20-footer shipping container can fit up to six (6) units.

portable school container office


It's flexible and customizable.

Get creative and enjoy the flexibility of our flat pack modular house. These units can be stacked and arranged together according to your preference and design aesthetic.

This modular feature makes expansion easier and less costly. The house components like the doors, windows, and flooring can be custom selected too according to application.


Flat pack container house size

flat pack container house design


flat pack containersflat pack modular house



  • High quality product at a competitive price

  • Sturdy structure with thicker wall panels & reinforced beams

  • Variety of customization options tailored to your needs

  • Weather-resistant: waterproof & anti-corrosive materials

  • Hassle-free installation: easy to assemble / disassemble



 1. 24 hours on line &one to one service, solve your problem efficiently.

 2. Professional installation team and site engineers for foreign countries.
 3. Customers are warm welcomed to visit our factory at any time, even during holidays.  
 4. Perfect arrangement for customers from Hotel booking to product shipping.