Pre Engineered Steel Warehouse Building For Sale

Pre Engineered Steel Warehouse Building For Sale


The components of the steel structure warehouse have been prefabricated in the factory, and the products are directly transported to the construction site, and only need to be hoisted and spliced.

Item NO.:SS004
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen / Nansha

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Pre Engineered Steel Warehouse Building For Sale



Main Steel Column and beam—Q235, Q355 steel with high strength and stiffness, high weight-bearing
Secondary frame C steel, Z steel, square tube, steel angle, tie bar, tension rod, and bracing.
Connection method of steel structure Welding connection or bolt
Roof and wall material corrugated Corrugated sheets, sandwich panel (EPS, ROCK WOOL, GLASS WOOL)
Connections Anchor, high strength/ordinary bolts, steel plate, etc



   The installation of the steel structure warehouse is very fast, which can meet the needs of some manufacturers for emergency warehouse construction, and has obvious advantages during the construction period.
     In addition, the construction cost and labor cost of steel structures are usually 20%~30% lower than the concrete warehouse, and it is safer and more stable.








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