Prebuilt Container Home Office Prefab Flat Pack Container House

Prebuilt Container Home Office Prefab Flat Pack Container House


Strong construction,energy efficient,reduces construction time,cost saving,technology building,environmental friendly.
Time-saving---Every part of each house within the controlled environment of our factory, which prefab container house greatly reduces the construction time consumed on site.
Cost Reduction---Unlike traditional house builders,our prefabs technology significantly reduces the on-site workload, saving labor and cost.

Item NO.:FP024
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen/ Nansha


C-Box Dubai specializes as temporary office Manufacturers in UAE, offering innovative solutions for modern workspaces. Our prefab container houses are designed with strong construction, energy efficiency, and time-saving features to create dynamic and efficient office environments.


These structures are built using cutting-edge technology, ensuring robustness and durability. With a focus on sustainability, our energy-efficient design optimizes resource usage and minimizes environmental impact. The prefab approach significantly reduces construction time, as each house is meticulously assembled in our controlled factory environment.


One of the key advantages of our Temporary Offices is cost reduction. Our prefab technology minimizes on-site workload, resulting in substantial savings on labor and construction costs compared to traditional builders.


Labeled as Item NO.:FP024, our Temporary Office solution comes with a swift 15-working-day lead time. C-Box Dubai operates from strategic shipping ports like Shenzhen and Nansha, and transactions are facilitated through our FOB payment method.


C-Box Dubai's Temporary Offices showcase our commitment to transforming workspaces. We prioritize strength, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to create functional and forward-thinking office solutions. Our structures reflect innovation, quality, and excellence in meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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Container house

Prebuilt container home office prefab flat pack container house


Size 5800*2400*2890 mm
Loading 40 HQ Load 6 Units
1. SGS Test Steel Frame
2. Fireproof & Waterproof Wall Panel
3. Non-absorbents Fire Cement Board
4. Integrated Window
Installation 4 works+2 Hours= 1 House



Wall Panel PU/Rock wool/Glass wool / EPS
Floor Fiber Cement / Plywood/
Door & Window Sliding / Inward Tilt-Turn/ Inward Hinged /Single
Stairs & Corridor Straight / Folding / Corridor



Product Details

portable container house

40ft flat pack container

Flat pack container house size

flat pack container house design


Flat pack container house office site homes building container modified container

1.Easier and faster assembling3 hours finish 1 units
2.Save more space: House can be stacked and linked together
3.Anti-earthquake Structure:It is a mature system named light gauge steel structure housing system. Our premium quality structural steel frames and building materials are selected to maximize safety and durability of each house.
4.Fresh Air Inside:We design our homes to maximize airflow and natural energy to keep spaces clean, bright and comfortable.