Prefab Container Dorms for Construction Site

Prefab Container Dorms for Construction Site


These prefab container dorms are ideal for construction site lodging. They are durable, spacious, and easy to assemble. They can accommodate up to 12 workers per unit and have all the basic amenities.

Item NO.:FP105
Lead Time:15 working days
Shipping Port:Shenzhen/ Nansha

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Prefab Container Dorms For Construction Site Lodging

prefab dormitory

1). If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable solution for your construction site lodging needs, look no further than our prefab container dorms.
2). These dorms are made of high-quality steel and have a sturdy structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions and natural disasters.
3). They are spacious enough to house up to 12 workers per unit, with separate rooms, beds, closets, desks, and chairs for each occupant.
4). They also have all the basic amenities such as electricity, water, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and fire protection systems.
5). They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be transported by truck or crane to any location.
6). They are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient, as they use solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce their environmental impact.


Note: All our products can be customized, if you need better configuration, or other special requirements, please consult our staff.

construction site dormitory

Steel: Q235B Stainless Steel, 2.3mm


Q235B has certain elongation, strength, good toughness and castability, easy to punch and weld, and is widely used in the manufacture of general mechanical parts. It is mainly used for welded structural parts with high quality requirements in construction and bridge engineering.



1. Bottom frame feet  2. Bottom frame secondary beam (C-shaped steel)  3. Bottom frame long side beam (5635mm) 
4. Cement fiber board (19mm)  5. 2mm PVC Carpet  6. Column trim  (2600mm) 
7. Prism (2535mm) 8. Plastic steel windows + anti-theft net  9. Ceiling plate V-830 profiled steel plate 
10. Class A fireproof glass wool  11. Skin panel (0.45mm)  12. Top frame secondary beam 
13. Top frame long side beam (5635mm)  14. Top frame feet  15. Top frame short side beam (2690mm)
16. Top tie beam square tube  17. Top frame long side beam (5635mm)  18. Prism (2535mm)
19. Drain pipe  20. Wall panel (75mm) 21. PVC baseboard 
22. Bottom tie beam square tube  23. Bottom frame short side (2690mm)    


Anti-rust: Spray Paint(110μ/m⊃2;) + Galvanized


  • The anti-corrosion treatment of many products of the same type is only made of spray paint, and the density is only 80μ/m⊃2;, which may rust in 2-3 years, resulting in a significant reduction in service life.
  • But we galvanize first, and then spray 110μ/m⊃2; anti-rust paint, which can usually reach 10 years of anti-rust time. Greatly provides longevity.


construction site container house




Wall + Floor:Choose high-quality fire and moisture-proof materials


  • Wall panel: rock wool/glass wool color steel plate.Fire rating: Class A; Moisture-proof rating: Class A
  • Floor: PVC+glass magnesium board or PVC+cement.It has very good hardness, and it is also a fireproof and moisture-proof material


prefab container house




Window and Door: Steel Doors + Aluminium Alloy Window


  • Steel Doors: Use high-quality stainless steel doors, 10 years without rust
  • Aluminium Alloy Window: Durable, no rust, easy to install
We have different configuration options, please contact our sales for details.


construction site container house






  • General layout: the empty house with two windows, and one door
  • Free layout: change according to customer requirements (design drawings are made according to the type and quantity of personnel)
container dorms




Install Service


  • If you need to assemble the house urgently, we can provide installation service, we will arrange for professional personnel from our factory to work at the address you require.
Of course, this will incur additional costs, please contact our staff for details.
flat pack container house




Prefabrication production


  • We Guangdong Cbox has an automated production line composed of automated production machines, which can complete the delivery in a short time.


cbox container house



flat pack container house



200mm large size corner fitting
Cement fiberboard + PVC floor covering
The circuit can be pre-installed
Whole set package
The package has wheels for easy movement