YunFu Dormitory Project 2022

Time of completion: Total area: 1500 m²

 66 units

 35 people

Project introduction:

emporary house that can replace an ordinary board house.
riod of a large-scale construction project is very long, and workers need to live on the construction site for a long time, which leads to the problem of living.
If a concrete house is specially built for this purpose, the construction period will be significantly extended, so the contractor will use our container house as a temporary house.
The assembly time of this kind of container house is very fast, and a house can be assembled in 1-2 hours, and the service life of our cbox container house can reach 10-15 years.
When the construction site is completed, these container houses can be dismantled and then transferred to another construction site for continued use, or used as a warehouse, which is a very cost-effective house.